The most innovative Respiratory Masks from BLS


Respiratory Masks that help employees 'Feel Free to Breathe' without compromising on protection and safety...


These innovative respiratory products have just reached Ireland from Italy and are welcomed by those in many sectors such as construction, manufacturing & engineering whose employees work in environments with insufficient oxygen or where harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, fumes, gases, vapors, or sprays are present. 

The BLS respiratory range differs to other brands because it has managed to develop products which offers a more comfortable respiratory mask that doesn't comprise on safety. BLS has strong heritage of 45 years and are a trusted provider of manufacturing respiratory protection.

These masks come as both disposable and reusable models and offer half and full mask options.  Regardless of your specific requirements, we all have the the common goal of wanting more productive employees.  Comfortable employees, means happy employees, making them overall more productive and efficient which obviously helps the bottom line!

Our specialised team are on hand to help find the best respiratory solution for your employees and workplace environments as each mask has different filtering and protection capabilities. Our full range can be found here and is summarised below.




The Disposable Mask Range

There are 3 reusable options available from BLS and are all suitable for one work shift, providing optimal protection, easy of use and hygiene for employees.

1. Flickit 837 FFP2 Valved Mask with Activated Carbons and a disposable foldable filtering mask.

2. Zero FFP3 Valved Mask that offers maximum protection from dust & dirt and comfort in one and is ideal for physical work.

3. Flickit FFP2 Valved Mask which is a foldable filtering mask that fits tightly in your pocket and is suitable for distributing in vending machines. These can be sold separately or in a box of ten.

4. Flickit 820 FFP1 Mask which is another foldable filtering mask that gives a lower breathing resistance and an excellent fit.

Reusable Half Masks

The 4000 Series Half Mask gives maximum comfort without compromising on protection. Its easy to use and keep clean too!

  • Can be disassembled in less than a minute making cleaning much easier
  • Face piece is made from soft thermoplastic or silicone rubber for a better fit
  • Filtering level can be selected depending on the protection level you or your employees require
  •  The harness is fixed on 2 points allowing the weight  to be distributed more evenly which results on a more comfortable wear.
  • Has a very intuitive connection that allows fast and safe fastening of the mask.
  • A locking mechanism that allows the user to know if the filter has been placed correctly.





Reusable Full Masks

The 5000 Series Full Mask is available in both Silicone & Thermoplastic. 

  • Soft Silicone or Thermoplastic Rubber gives FDA certification for a higher safety whilst guaranteeing comfort & performance.
  • Includes bayonet Connection which ensures a safe hold on the mask.
  • Anti-fog so cold & hot air flow is controlled inside the mask and therefore avoids fogging on the visor for maximum visibility.
  • Allows a panoramic visual field without optical distortions. Optical class scratch free 1 Visor.

Mask Filters

The range comes with many different filtering options that allow for different protection against many different harmful gases, mists, fumes etc in line with safety standards. 

The bayonet connection also allows the user to know if the filter has been correctly positioned.

Activated carbons are also used by BLS for the filtration of gases and vapours which meet high standards of safety ensuring excellent filtration performances. They are produced without toxic additives such as Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) and they are food grade certified (REGVE231/2017).




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