BLS Respiratory Products


Feel Free to Breathe

These innovative respiratory products come in both disposable and re-useable models, and bring different functional and practical benefits.  Regardless of your specific requirements, we all have the the common goal of wanting more productive employees.  Comfortable employees, means happy employees, making them overall more productive and efficient!

Also, we're one of the first to bring these to Ireland!



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The BLS collection offers a different range of half-face and full-face masks to meet individual needs from comfort, protection, maintenance and longevity.  The masks start at €3.50 and you can view more here. The most popular option is the 'Flickit' range.  Unwrap it, flatten it, wear it - its as simple as that!  It's pocket size, with welded straps and a comes with an exhalation valve which helps offers very low breathing resistance.   See more here or watch our promo video!



There are also many product benefits to be aware of: