7 Things that won’t happen with good Safety Footwear

7 Things that won’t happen with good Safety Footwear

7 things you may not have thought about when you wear Safety Footwear...

  1.  If an elephant was to stand on your foot your toe won’t get squashed!

Even the most basic of safety footwear must have toe protection.  This might be made of steel or what is becoming even more common is a composite material which is lighter than steel but takes the same bashing.  Your safety footwear must withstand 200 joules or the impact of 20kg dropped from 1 metre.


  1.  If you stand on a nail at work your sole won’t get punctured!

Sharp objects where we walk and stand pose significant risk.  A midsole of steel or composite material will guard against nails and other objects. To meet this standard the footwear must be able to resist a penetration force of 1100N.


  1.  You won’t need an ambulance when you slip and fall!

Safety footwear is given a slip resistance rating under EU standards.  SRA or Slip Resistance A is the rating given to footwear which passes a test on a soapy ceramic tile.  SRB or Slip Resistance B is the rating given to footwear tested on a steel floor with glycerine.  The SRC rating is given to footwear which passes both tests.


  1.  If it’s ESD rated then you won’t get static shocks!

Useful if you work in the electronics or explosives industry.  This man needs a pair of ESD shoes:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtlYi1yLTVQ


  1.  You won’t be wet and miserable in typical Irish weather!

If it’s waterproof and breathable, then you will stay dry and comfortable all day – and a happy worker is a productive worker


  1.  You won’t ruin your fancy shoes by wearing them to work

It’s not just to keep you injury free that you wear different footwear to work.  By having special work footwear, you can keep your other shoes clean to make a good impression when you’re out.


  1.  You won’t get a good night’s sleep

A wise man once said, “You need good shoes and a good bed, for if you’re not in one – you’re in the other.  Choose your safety boots well and don’t be afraid to invest in the best pair you can afford.  It is one of your most important decisions.  Always remember to take off your safety shoes before going to bed.


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