5 reasons to have professionally branded workwear

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5 reasons to have professionally branded workwear

Having branded workwear clothing is important for any business, here are some reasons why...


1. Enhances your brand image & recognition:  Embroidered and printed clothing for your business can help define and develop your corporate identity and image.   This helps to differentiate your brand in the minds of your consumers, competitors and stakeholders.  Additionally, a corporate branded work uniform enables successful brand recognition as it can represent the face of the company.


2.  Free Advertising:  Well designed branded workwear worn in public is more or less like a “walking billboard,” promoting a company’s products and services “for free.”


3. Promotes Professionalism:  From the outside in, you'll look more professional. Employees who wear branded uniforms feel the need to act responsibly and like ambassadors for businesses - because they are wearing the name of the company.  From a customers perspective you will look overall like a more professional outfit!


6. Cost Effective and Practical:  It does not cost a lot to introduce and, from the perspective of the employee, supplied workwear is a bonus because it means they don't have to buy expensive work clothes.  Providing good quality branded workwear to your employees is both cost effective and practical, and at the same you're advertising the business.


7. Health and Safety:  There are some jobs where the health and safety element demands a uniform -  for example, the health industry, food industry and manual labour/construction industry.  The construction industry would benefit from custom workwear for safety reasons, like a hi-vis vest. The right uniform would reduce the chances of the workers injuring themselves.  Some people do not realise that wearing uniforms increases the safety of big teams. 


8. Everything can be branded!:  Branding doesn't just stop at workwear, you can brand whatever you like. From protective clothing, to hats and even helmets.


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